Valeria wins the runner-up place at the RSC poster Twitter conference!

How to summarize months of work into a few slides? And how to do it in a friendly and understandable way? If you need to ask some advice, our PhD candidate Valeria is an authority in the field, from today not only in our group!

Names have just been announced, and we are excited to announce that Valeria has won the runner-up place in the Best Poster Competition in the framework of the latest edition of RSC Poster Twitter Conference for the #RSCcat – catalysis category!

Valeria proposed a protocol for triarylborane catalysed N-alkylation of amines with aryl esters, developed during her stay as visiting PhD candidate at Cardiff University, in the group of Prof. Rebecca Melen. With the development of this new reaction, not only she managed to obtain her products with excellent yields and mild conditions, but she also avoided toxic metals, high temperature, and obtain undesirable byproducts.

We already knew her results were ground-breaking, but the way in which she summarized them made this evident to the world as well! Congratulations Valeria, a well-deserved acknowledgement!

You can enjoy her winning poster below and here’s a link to the publication.

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