Our review on synergistic catalysis is online

We have written a short revies on synergistic catalysis in collaboration with Prof. Francesco Fini.

Organocatalysis has been gaining a predominant role in asymmetric synthesis and it is, nowadays, a foundation of catalysis. Synergistic catalysis, combining two or more different catalytic cycles acting in concert, exploits the vast knowledge acquired in organocatalysis and other fields to perform reactions that would be otherwise impossible. Merging organocatalysis with photo-, metallo- and organocatalysis itself, researchers have ingeniously devised a range of activations.
We focused on selected synergistic catalytic approaches, aims to provide a flavor of the creativity and innovation in the area, showing ground-breaking examples of organocatalysts, such as proline derivatives, hydrogen bond-mediated, Cinchona alkaloids or phosphoric acids catalysts, which work cooperatively with different catalytic partners.

Read more of our paper “Organocatalysis and Beyond: Activating Reactions with Two Catalytic Species” on Catalysts.

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