Chiara held a webinar for Thursday Morning Science

On 1 April, Chiara Biagini, our Creative Communications and Media Coordinator, together with Matteo Capone, postdoctoral researcher at Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, held a webinar for the Thursday Morning Science channels on the role of communication in science.

Based on their experience in science popularization, they took the audience on a journey through the landscape of social media-based science communication and popularization, a brand new world full of challenges, opportunities and useful learnings (not only for popularizers).

Matteo has been one of the finalists of FameLab Italia 2020, a science popularization talent show, while Chiara started her journey in science popularization as a radio speaker with her podcast “#Chiaramente, la scienza accessibile” on Radio UnivAQ. In October 2020, they founded together the web science popularization project “Il Chimico sulla Tavola“.

The webinar has been recorded and you can catch up here.

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