Baking Bread pt. 1 – #ChiaraMente on Radio UnivAQ

Say goodbye to your badly leavened homemade loaves: in this short bread-themed miniseries, we will realize that baking bread is “simple” as chemistry! In this first episode Chiara focused on flour explaining how crucial it is to choose the right flour – parameters like protein content and W index need to be taken into account. And what happens during the first stages of mixing? Gliadin and glutenin (the proteins in the flour) absorb water, swell and get stretched during kneading, forming long fibers of gluten. A correct folding of the dough creates the right network of gluten which entraps the gas released by yeasts… By the way, yeast will be under the spotlight next week, so stay tuned!
To listen to the podcast in Italian, please head to ChiaraMente on our Outreach page.

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